Peoria, IL,
08:40 AM

Behind The Scenes: Healthy Food Videos

You've seen them all over social media - videos that show you quick and easy recipes that you can make at home. The videos make it look so easy!

OSF HealthCare does a series of healthy videos of its own, prepared by one of our dietitians. Most are heart healthy, or low calorie, or high fiber - many are gluten free. Producing the videos and showcasing them through social media channels is a great way to share them so people can eat healthier.

While the finished video makes it look easy, producing the videos is a production in itself.


Each video is less than a minute long but each takes over three hours to shoot and edit.
Ashley Simper, Clinical Dietitian

"When you are making the videos, you have to have ingredients for two complete recipes. In addition to having all of the ingredients to make the recipe and shoot every step of the process, you have to make a finished product ahead of time," Ashley Simper, Community/Outpatient Dietitian at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria.

"When you think about it, it takes 30-minutes to an hour to shoot the video, but you also have the hour of prep time for each recipe, then an hour of editing for each one. And each video is less than a minute long!"


View Food Videos Prep Broll.mp4
Food Videos Prep Broll.mp4
View Ashley Simper - How Long Food Prep takes :13.mp4
Ashley Simper - How Long Food Prep takes :13.mp4