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Behavioral Health podcastEpisode 19: Working to address the Mental Health crisis

You’ve seen the headlines: Millions of Americans are facing a mental health crisis - both adults and children. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five adults experience mental illness each year. That number is one in six for children 6-17. 

On this episode of Health Accelerated, Shelli Dankoff is joined by Dr. Samuel Sears, a psychiatrist and director of Behavioral Health Physician Services for OSF HealthCare, and Emily Shields, the Vice President Business Development for OSF to discuss this important topic and just one of the ways OSF HealthCare is looking to help.

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Episode 18: Breakthrough Treatment Center   BTC - Ryan Luginbuhl - Cosmo Smith

A cancer or other life-threatening diagnosis is hard to take under any circumstance. Now image you are running out of treatment options, or have yet to find one that works. That’s where the OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center (BTC) comes in. 

On this episode of Health Accelerated, Shelli Dankoff is joined by Cosmo Smith, Origin managing partner and Ryan Luginbuhl, Director of the Oncology Service Line for OSF HealthCare to discuss what the innovative Breakthrough Treatment Center will mean for patients and the physicians who care for them.

Ep. 17 Mayank & Liridon - OSF VenturesEpisode 17: Venturing to Change Healthcare 

There are a variety of Venture capital groups around the world. In 2016 OSF Ventures was launched with a goal of becoming a leader in the world of health care system-sponsored venture investment programs. 

On this episode of Health Accelerated host Shelli Dankoff takes a deeper dive into OSF Ventures, the corporate investment arm of OSF HealthCare, which invests in opportunities with the potential to improve patient care and reduce the cost of health care.  

She is joined by Mayank Taneja, Vice President of Venture Investments and Liridon Rrushaj, Director of Venture Investments.

Episode 16: OSF OnCall ConnectOnCall Connect - Brandi Clark - Rose Smith

The average American visits his or her doctor four times a year. But even if you have a chronic health condition that requires more medical follow-ups, don’t you always want them to be – easier? That’s where OSF OnCall Connect comes in. It helps people manage chronic health conditions from the comfort of their own home. 

Brandi Clark, Vice President of Digital Care for OSF OnCall and Rose Smith, Supervisor of Clinical Digital Care, join host Shelli Dankoff for a look at how OSF OnCall Connect is changing how and where OSF cares for some patients.

Dr. Barry ClemsonDr. Emmanuel AmulrajEpisode 15: A Heart to Heart Chat 

Did you know the Heart Transplant Program at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois is the only one of its kind in central and downstate Illinois? 

On this episode of Health Accelerated, host Shelli Dankoff has a heart-to-heart chat with Dr. Barry Clemson and Dr. Emmanuel Amulraj with the OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute about heart failure, LVADs, transplant services                                                                      and more. 

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Episode 14:JUMP_exterior 
Jump Simulation & Education Center: A Look to the Future        

This is part two of our look at the 10-year anniversary of the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center in Peoria, Illinois – part of OSF HealthCare. In 2013, the Jump Simulation and Education Center – or Jump - was introduced as a space to dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs in health care. Since then, the building has become the hub of OSF Innovation, where cross-functional teams converge and leverage their expertise to advance the future of health care. In our last episode we discussed the amazing journey of Jump and OSF Innovation and the achievements of the past 10 years are. Today… we take a take ahead to the next decade and beyond. 

Joining host Shelli Dankoff are Dr. John Vozenilek, vice president and chief medical officer for OSF Innovation and founding executive director of Jump and Becky Buchen, Senior Vice President of Innovation for OSF HealthCare.

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Noel-Voz-RoopaEpisode 13: 
Jump Simulation & Education Center: Celebrating 10 Years

In 2013, the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center on the campus of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria was introduced as a space to dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs in health care. Since then, the building has become the hub of OSF Innovation, where cross-functional teams converge and leverage their expertise to advance the future of health care. As we celebrate 10 years, host Shelli Dankoff has the first of a two-part look at the world-class simulation center which is part of OSF HealthCare, named one of the most innovative companies by Fortune Magazine.

In part 1, join Shelli and her guests Dr. John Vozenilek, vice president and chief medical officer for OSF Innovation and founding executive director of Jump; Roopa Foulger, vice president of Digital Innovation Development at OSF Innovation; and Noel Adams, vice president of Academic Collaborations and Operations for OSF Innovation as they take a look back at the past decade of accomplishments and innovation.


Episode 12: Leadership Accelerated

What makes a good leader? Is it someone who challenges the status quo or motivates others to do better? Lynn Fulton - Jennifer Junis2
And how do you build leadership skills? 

On this bonus episode of Health Accelerated, host Shelli Dankoff is joined by two OSF HealthCare leaders who are living embodiments of innovative leaders - Lynn Fulton, president of OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, Illinois and Jennifer Junis, senior vice president of OSF OnCall Digital Health.

Christopher LarknerEpisode 11: The Manikin is Sweating

If you’ve shopped in a department store of any kind you have probably seen a mannequin – that’s m-a-n-n-e-q-u-i-n.  But our conversation on this episode of Health Accelerated is going to be about m-a-n-i-k-i-n-s… manikins used for training purposes that can sweat, bleed and react in a variety of ways to simulate real-life clinical scenarios. 

Joining host Shelli Dankoff is Christopher Larkner, the Education and Operations 
                                                              Manager at Jump Simulation, part of OSF HealthCare.

Episode 10: I Can See More Clearly

Mark Meeker - Episode 10, 2023Envision using AI in primary care to detect diabetic retinopathy, ultimately saving a patient’s sight, and, perhaps, their health. Learn how OSF HealthCare is expand a recent pilot and implementing a new, innovative, service across its Ministry. 

Dr. Mark Meeker, Vice President of service line physician services for OSF HealthCare joins host Shelli Dankoff for this important, eye-opening conversation.

Episode 9: Keeping an Eye on Mom

Kate Johnson - Kara Roat Episode 9 2023 (2)According to the CDC, 80% of maternal deaths between 2017 and 2019 were due to preventable causes. For some, simply getting the medical care they need to have a successful birth can be stressful. Join host Shelli Dankoff as she explores how OSF HealthCare is using remote patient monitoring to save lives. Joining her for the discussion are Kate Johnson, Supervisor of Clinical Digital Care and Kara Roat, Digital Patient Care Manager for OSF OnCall

If you want to learn more about this program – or know someone who might benefit from it – go to or call (844) 381-3603.

Episode 8: From Here to Ukraine

AMT ambulance in Ukraine wChris Manson 7-2022
Sometimes in the world of innovative approaches to health care that make a significant impact it comes down to the simplest of things…like a conversation between a father and daughter. 

Join Shelli Dankoff for this episode of Health Accelerated, brought to you by OSF HealthCare, as she discusses an effort spearheaded by Chris Manson, Vice President of Government Relations, to deliver ambulances and more to war-torn Ukraine. It all started with an innocent comment from his young daughter.


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Episode 7: A Year in Review 

Join the OSF HealthCare media relations team for a look back at some of the top stories of the year that highlight how OSF is an innovative – and compassionate – health care ministry.

Sea Monster image - JUMP

Episode 6: Mysterious Sea Monsters

It‘s not lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), but it IS sharks, lampreys and other sea creatures that the OSF Innovation team is using to equip children today with the STEAM skills that they'll need to be successful in the workplaces of tomorrow. 

Noël Adams and Shannon Egli join host Shelli Dankoff to discuss these fascinating and educational programs.  Adams is the Vice President of Academic Collaborations and Operations for OSF HealthCare, specifically at the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center. As Coordinator of the Anatomical Skills Lab at Jump Simulation, Egli oversees these programs and  develops the content for them.
For more information on the programs visit

Dr. Matt Gorman

Episode 5: Home for the Holidays

A pioneer in the hospital-at-home movement, we take a look at how the new OSF Hospital at Home is a safer, better, and cheaper place to treat patients for certain conditions.

OSF Digital Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Matthew Gorman joins host Shelli Dankoff for this cutting edge conversation.

Dr, Kyle BoerkeEpisode 4: Stressed Out Kids

Being present, positive and patient can go a long way in helping your child deal with stress. 

Join host Shelli Dankoff as she and OSF HealthCare Clinical Child Psychologist Kyle Boerke talk about the signs and symptoms of childhood stress, new studies in the field and strategies parents can use. You might even learn something for yourself!

Dr. Omar Khokhar

Episode 3: The Gut & Brain Connection

The “brain” in the gut is revolutionizing our understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way we think. 

Join host Shelli Dankoff as she and OSF HealthCare gastroenterologist Dr. Omar Khokhar explore how the GI track essentially has a mind of its own.

Episode 2:  Two Minutes to a Concussion Diagnosis

Adam CrossHave you ever bumped your head and “seen stars?” There was a time when athletes would play through a suspected concussion, but that’s no longer the case, with increased attention to the long term effects of head injuries. 

Join host Shelli Dankoff as she and OSF HealthCare pediatrician Dr. Adam Cross discuss FlightPath, the new app they’re developing at the Children’s Innovation Lab that could change the way a suspected head injury is confirmed at a sporting event or even on the playground.

Podcast Graphic 3000x3000Episode 1:  Escape Room

An escape room can be fun with friends. It’s also how to be on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to health care training. Joining host Shelli Dankoff to talk about the benefits of escape room training is OSF HealthCare clinical educator Ashley Bruens.