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Dr, Kyle BoerkeEpisode 4: Stressed Out Kids

Being present, positive and patient can go a long way in helping your child deal with stress. 

Join host Shelli Dankoff as she and OSF HealthCare Clinical Child Psychologist Kyle Boerke talk about the signs and symptoms of childhood stress, new studies in the field and strategies parents can use. You might even learn something for yourself!

Dr. Omar Khokhar

Episode 3: The Gut & Brain Connection

The “brain” in the gut is revolutionizing our understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way we think. 

Join host Shelli Dankoff as she and OSF HealthCare gastroenterologist Dr. Omar Khokhar explore how the GI track essentially has a mind of its own.

Episode 2:  Two Minutes to a Concussion Diagnosis

Adam CrossHave you ever bumped your head and “seen stars?” There was a time when athletes would play through a suspected concussion, but that’s no longer the case, with increased attention to the long term effects of head injuries. 

Join host Shelli Dankoff as she and OSF HealthCare pediatrician Dr. Adam Cross discuss FlightPath, the new app they’re developing at the Children’s Innovation Lab that could change the way a suspected head injury is confirmed at a sporting event or even on the playground.

Podcast Graphic 3000x3000Episode 1:  Escape Room

An escape room can be fun with friends. It’s also how to be on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to health care training. Joining host Shelli Dankoff to talk about the benefits of escape room training is OSF HealthCare clinical educator Ashley Bruens.