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Jump Simulation Sharing Best Practices in Chicago

Jump Sim Facilitation Course

Jump Simulation, a part of OSF Innovation, held an educational opportunity in the recently opened OSF Simulation Stage at MATTER in Chicago, July 10 & 11. This is part of a larger effort by Jump Sim to share its best practices with simulation centers across the country.

The American College of Surgeons designated Jump Sim as an Accredited Education Institute in 2015, making it one of the top centers in the U.S. educating and training practicing surgeons, surgical residents, medical students and members of the surgical team using simulation-based education. The honor recognizes Jump Sim for setting the standard in not only how it delivers simulation training, but how it educates clinicians and faculty to develop simulation curriculum.

The class Jump Sim offered at MATTER, Introduction to Facilitation, was a two-day course geared toward clinical educators and faculty interested in learning how to define objectives for a simulation-based learning activity; design simulation based on those learning objectives; provide constructive feedback in debriefing and describe the methodology for evaluating a simulation-based learning program.

The goal is for learners to take the information and tools they’ve gained from the course back to their respective hospitals, improving the quality of simulation across the state. The idea is that improved education will lead to improved outcomes for patients.

About 280 learners have gone through the facilitation course at Jump since its inception in 2013. Lisa Barker, MD, Director of Education at Jump and Toufic Khairallah, Clinical Education Nurse Scholar Specializing in Health Care Simulation, led the Introduction to Facilitation course. Jump Sim plans to hold additional classes at the MATTER facility in the future.

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