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King of the Road

A generous donation helps bring much needed health care to rural areas

For Don and Val King of Manlius, IL, in Bureau County, it's all about family and their passion for rural America. And while Don says "there's no better place than being out in the middle of nowhere", he understands the challenges that can bring - especially when it comes to access to health care.

Over several generations, the King Family has experienced that - a few times in life-saving situations. That's why there is a relationship of trust and gratitude by the Kings with OSF HealthCare. 

In appreciation of that, Don and Val generously donated the funds to purchase and equip a mobile health center. The OSF King Care-a-Van will service Bureau, Henry, LaSalle and Putnam (IL) counties.  

"You truly are helping our Sisters further a very important and sacred Mission," says Sister Judith Ann, O.S.F, Chairperson of the Boards, OSF HealthCare. "To be there for our people, wherever they are and to care for them with the greatest care and love. And you've enabled us to reach out even further. Beyond traditional boundaries to bring that loving care to a population that, often times, doesn't have access to health care."

Sister Judith Ann O.S.F. on what OSF King Care-a-Van means to OSF Ministry

Aimed at serving primarily rural residents, the OSF King Care-a-Van will work with employers, churches, schools and community organizations to connect with patients with a health need and who might not be able to get to a doctor on their own.

"The OSF King Care-a-Van will begin to knock down the transportation barrier by taking critical services to those communities and to individuals who otherwise might go without and without the care that they need," says Ken Beutke, President of OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. "And, ultimately, have to live with chronic disease or illness that negatively affects their quality of life." 

Ken Beutke on how OSF King Care-a-Van improves access to health care

The OSF King Care a-Van can provide screenings, immunizations and health education. 

Don and Val King say they are proud to be able to work with OSF HealthCare to provide much needed services to the rural communities they love. 

"The passion of what the people at OSF do in the building of their employees, doctors and everybody that runs that place, you know, it is a place, I say, that miracles happen and it happens all the time," says Don King, OSF HealthCare donor. "We're very blessed. I appreciate everything that OSF has done and we look forward to our time in the future." 

Don King on dedication of OSF HealthCare

The OSF King Care-a-Van will begin serving patients this summer. 

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