Bloomington, IL,
09:00 AM

New Ultrasound Technology Provides Biopsy Alternative for Liver Patients

Liver elastography means pain-free liver assessments

A new piece of technology means liver disease patients in central Illinois can have their liver assessed without an invasive biopsy.

Liver elastography is a new assessment technique that uses ultrasound shear wave elastography to provide a noninvasive and easily performed method of assessing liver fibrosis.

During liver elastography, a surface ultrasound probe delivers a low frequency pulse to liver tissue under the rib cage. A series of 10 painless pulses are applied to the liver, and the results are recorded on the equipment, and an overall liver stiffness score is generated.

Accurately staging the degree of liver fibrosis is extremely important to determine therapy options for chronic liver disease patients.

The gold standard for diagnosing liver disease and determining the staging of liver fibrosis has been a liver biopsy. The biopsy is an invasive procedure with potential complications of bleeding and severe pain. Liver elastography is a non-surgical, non-invasive, pain free alternative for qualifying patients.

The trained gastroenterologist staff at OSF HealthCare Medical Group – College Avenue (1701 E. College Ave., Bloomington) now offer liver elastography. For more information or to have this test ordered, discuss with your primary care provider.