Danville, IL,
08:58 AM

OSF HealthCare Advocates to Keep Logan Avenue Open

SHMC Emergency

OSF HealthCare is aware of Carle’s plans to develop a medical campus in Danville. Part of the proposed project seeks to close a portion of North Logan Avenue.

This would significantly impact access to OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center and create a critical delay for patients seeking care, particularly emergency services. This additional time could be the difference between life and death for some of our patients. OSF HealthCare believes that such a risk must be addressed before any road closure can be considered.OSF HealthCare is urging the City of Danville to look at alternatives to closing North Logan Avenue. We have expressed our position in writing to city leaders and during meetings with Mayor Rickey Williams. OSF HealthCare expects to be involved in all parts of the City’s planning and review process for this project.

We will continue to advocate for a solution that maintains the existing level of access for our patients and Mission Partners, and we encourage Danville residents who believe the closure of North Logan Avenue is a disservice to the community to contact their city Aldermen and Mayor Rickey Williams and let them know.

Below are downloadable MP4 soundbites (with transcriptions) about the proposed closure from Dr. Jared Rogers, President, OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center. Downloadable B-Roll of OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center, MP3 audio clips and photos can be found in the column to the left.

“The concern we have about closing Logan Avenue is that it really changes the access to our hospital. Our hospital is the only one within 25 miles that has full time emergency department access, so it’s an important distinction. So that critical point of closing off Logan Avenue and creating a delay in emergency traffic coming to our emergency department is the sticking point. That, in a majority of cases, won’t matter. But in some cases it will, and in some cases it will be life threatening and life ending.”

Dr Rogers on danger of road closure

“We are working with the city to try to bring about a different solution. Instead of closing Logan Avenue, what could be done differently in the plan of the proposed project, that that wouldn’t have to happen? If that doesn’t have to happen then the concern we have with the closure is a moot point. And so that’s what we’re aiming for.”

Dr Rogers on working with the city

“We’re certainly not against Carle building something in Danville, investing in the community like OSF has invested in the community. That is certainly something that the community of Danville needs and Vermilion County needs. And so no, we’re certainly not against that."

Dr Rogers on not being against investment

“I would say to people living in Danville, if you have concerns that the closing of Logan Avenue is a bad idea, that it would impair your access or your loved one’s access to emergency care when needed in a hurry, then certainly speak up. Speak to your alderman, speak to your mayor. If Logan Avenue is closed, it’s a done deal. So do it before time runs out.”

Dr Rogers urging people of Danville to speak out

“Until this matter is really dealt with by the city council, by the mayor, by our governmental officials, we will keep pushing home the point that maintaining access to emergency care in Danville is a very important part of our Mission. So we’ll keep talking to our alderman, our mayor, anyone else who has any influence over this, so that the closure of Logan Avenue does not happen.”

Dr Rogers on continuing to advocate