Peoria, Illinois,
09:55 AM

OSF HealthCare cuts rates of depression, anxiety in half using SilverCloud® by Amwell® platform

OSF HealthCare, an integrated health system with more than 150 locations in Illinois and Michigan, has achieved significant clinical outcome improvements across its behavioral health patient community by leveraging the Amwell Converge™ platform. Results include:

·         58% clinical improvement for patients with moderate behavioral health conditions
·         53% improvement in patient depression screening scores
·         50% improvement in patient anxiety screening scores
·         94% patient satisfaction rate with the SilverCloud® by Amwell platform

“Better access to behavioral health services is needed now more than ever. Today, one in every four U.S. adults lives with a mental health condition, yet more than half receive no treatment,” said Ken Cahill, chief behavioral health officer at Amwell. “We are proud to have been selected to enable OSF’s delivery of a hybrid approach to behavioral health care that is delivering such a meaningful improvement in outcomes and patient access to care.”

Dominique Dietz, Dire tor of Behavioral Health, OSF Healthcare

After experiencing such devastating behavioral health trends in our patient population, our efforts to adopt and expand a hybrid approach to behavioral health care, in partnership with Amwell, have proven valuable in our Mission to serve our communities with the greatest care and love.

Dominique Dietz, Dire tor of Behavioral Health, OSF Healthcare

“The Amwell platform provides a scalable, reliable and flexible framework that can help us meet the growing and evolving needs of our communities now and into the future,” Dietz added.

OSF HealthCare documented alarming trends of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts reaching its emergency departments. The health system selected Amwell to implement a comprehensive hybrid care solution that could enable three main goals: connect individuals with resources as easily and early as possible; manage conditions, reduce severity of symptoms and prevent mental health crises; and provide support for its mental health professionals and care teams.

OSF HealthCare implemented SilverCloud by Amwell, a global, digital mental health platform that provides 24/7 access to digital services for people who have mild to moderate symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Starting in 2018, OSF offered the digital program to anyone in its service area without the need for a referral or to be an existing patient and saw steady and positive adoption rates with a 300% increase in enrollments. Today, the program has more than 8,500 patient users.

To extend the powerful benefits of the solution, OSF HealthCare expanded its hybrid behavioral health approach to support teams delivering more acute levels of care, reaching more patients and helping more clinical teams maximize their effectiveness. Most recently, OSF Healthcare extended its use of SilverCloud by Amwell platform through a technology partnership with Illinois State University. This partnership will establish OSF as the sole medical provider for student-athletes and offer access to virtual mental health care via the digital program.

To learn more about the results achieved through the OSF HealthCare and Amwell partnership, read the case study here