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OSF OnCall Urgent Care offers easy option for treating summer-related illnesses and injuries

Charlotte Rule gets follow up care after referral from OSF OnCall Urgent Care

Melissa Rule has an active 5-year-old daughter, Charlotte, who suffered for nearly two years of pain from recurring ear infections. A surgery to insert tiny tubes in her ears solved some of the problems but she’ has had recurring swimmer’s ear already this summer. Plus, she’s suffered from repeated bouts of strep throat. On top of that, Charlotte also has a common childhood condition called nursemaid’s elbow, in which the elbow is easily pulled out of joint because ligaments are still developing.

Rule, of East Peoria, says being able to get her daughter relief from strep, painful ear infections, and her reoccurring elbow dislocation at OSF OnCall Urgent Care has been such a comfort during what can be a scary and overwhelming time. In fact, she says now, Charlotte is also not scared to go.

“You know, I know lots of children after going to the same place, they know where they're going, and they don't want to go. She knows she gets stickers and popsicles every single time, so she's fine with it. And she knows she's going to have some relief.

Rule appreciates having OSF OnCall Urgent Care conveniently located and recalls a time when her family was at a restaurant in Washington, Illinois, when Charlotte’s elbow came out of its socket.

“I pulled on her arm too quickly because she was running in front of a server, and immediately it popped out. We went around the corner to the urgent care over by Walmart, and they popped it back in. So, we're very thankful for the OSF urgent care and the times that they are available after hours and especially on the weekends too.”

Rule likes that she can call or check online to find the next available appointment and that there are in-person options to choose from among locations close to her home, work, and daycare. The visit itself is also quick.

“You see the nurse; the doctor comes in [and] figures it out; nurse again; here's your paper; and you’re on your way. So it is a very quick turnaround time. I would say you're not sitting for 45 minutes before somebody comes in to see you. And with a child, that is very important to not be sitting there for too long, or even yourself if you're in pain.”

Rule has also used the virtual care option to address pink eye.

Offers an alternative to an emergency department visit

With emergency rooms and medical offices busier than ever with seasonal allergies, summer injuries and illnesses, there is an ever-growing need for easy, affordable and accessible high-quality care. OSF OnCall Urgent Care Central Region Operations Director Nichole Esterdahl, MSN, RN, ays if someone isn’t sure whether they can do a virtual visit or need to be seen in person, they can start with a website chat.

 “They can go to our website and talk to our chatbot Clare, and they can tell Clare what symptoms they're having, and she can kind of help direct them to what could be appropriate as to whether they should be urgent care, ED, or if it's okay to talk with a nurse online; things like that.”

Esterdahl stresses, OnCall Urgent Care can accommodate visits from non-OSF patients or people who don’t have a regular medical provider. The convenient care options are great for minor ailments and injuries, but individuals with chest pain, shortness of breath or a deep wound with excessive bleeding should go immediately to an emergency department.

However, for many summer-related ailments and injuries Esterdahl explains OSF OnCall Urgent Care is a great option.

“We do sprains, breaks. We have that equipment available. And then, dependent on the results of the X-rays, we're able to splint in clinic. We can provide some durable medical equipment, so we have crutches, walking boots, different slings and splints. And then we can also get patients connected with Ortho, so that we know they're going to get appropriate follow-up.”

Feedback surveys indicate patients like convenience, including the ability to have common medications and medical devices on site so they can skip a trip to the pharmacy. Plus, Esterdahl says patients have embraced the ability to schedule their visit, either in-person or virtually, anywhere from 24 to 36 hours in advance.

“It gives patients the option to either go online or call the clinic to schedule a reservation so that when they arrive to the clinic there, regardless of the wait time, they are that next patient to go into a room to be seen by a provider. So for busy schedules, if you're coming from work or you have something in the evening, you can schedule an appointment and hopefully get right in and out.”

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Top 5 reasons people use OSF OnCall Urgent Care in the summer:

1.    School/Sports Physicals

2.    Poison ivy

3.    Bug bites

4.    Extremity injuries: Breaks/sprains (sports, skateboarding, bikes, trampoline)

5.    Fishhooks in the hand

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