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OSF, State of Illinois prepare for PACE

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The landscape of health care available for older adults in Illinois is evolving.  

OSF HealthCare is in the application process to partner with the State of Illinois to improve access to home-based, high-quality, comprehensive care for people served by Medicare and Medicaid. These services will provide expanded care for those living in under-resourced communities in the Greater Peoria area.

With an expected date of mid-2024 to begin the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), OSF HealthCare remains committed to serve elderly patients with the greatest care and love.

One way OSF HealthCare serves the older population in the Greater Peoria area is through OSF Senior World. Located in downtown Peoria, OSF Senior World has provided care for the frail elderly, disabled and cognitively impaired since 1981.

“Coming to Senior World prevents social isolation. Participants are able to get out, make friends and they become our family,” says Susie Smith, OSF Senior World Manager.

OSF Senior World provides meals and is staffed with nurses, activity and social services coordinators and certified nursing assistants. On-site nurses can help getting the required physician referral needed to receive Senior World services. Nurses also provide medication management, check vital signs, and monitor weight and mobility issues. Smith says the social service team coordinates transportation for participants.

“Transportation is a big need. A lot of these folks have a hard time getting around, especially if their caregivers are working,” Smith says.

Dawn Lemmert, MD, director of Home Care for OSF HealthCare, says PACE will improve the health care infrastructure throughout central Illinois.

“PACE is not only the provider of care, but the insurance for the frail elderly,” Dr. Lemmert says. “PACE really works to keep the frail elderly in their homes as long it’s safe with the support of PACE, including those wraparound services.”

Dr. Lemmert says it’s easier for older adults to access services when they’re all under one roof.

Nathan Pritzker, director of PACE operations and strategy for OSF HealthCare, agrees. He adds PACE will expand services that will be available around the clock for individuals.

“PACE brings different providers into a team so that people are working together, in real-time, 24/7, to meet the goals you have for life,” Pritzker says.

The area Agency on Aging can help people determine eligibility for Senior World and your payment options, Pritzker says.

While it is expected that OSF Senior World is set to transition to services offered under PACE by next summer, Pritzker says the way to enroll will largely remain the same.

What is PACE?

PACE is a Medicare and Medicaid risk-based care program with set fees that offers comprehensive, team-based medical and social services for seniors through collaborating health care agencies. PACE has already been deployed in over 30 other states. It is now being introduced in Illinois.

The overarching goals of PACE are to improve the health and wellness of individuals at risk of having to be placed in a nursing home, while providing personalized solutions that improve outcomes, decrease disparities and are sustainable over time. The program offers all-inclusive support for older adults to age at home. PACE also brings relief to the growing number of family caregivers meeting the health care and social needs of older adults every day.

Program features high engagement

The program will include at-home care while also building on the Adult Day Center model that focuses on increasing social interaction opportunities through regular interaction with others and creating friendships to prevent social isolation and to strengthen communication skills.

Senior Vice President for OSF Innovation Becky Buchen adds, “We are confident and enthusiastic about exploring additional opportunities to leverage our growing experience in new care delivery models that allow patients to receive wraparound services and more holistic, robust care in their home. The new, innovative approaches will build on our decades-long history of providing Home Care, operating Adult Day Care Centers, plus deep experience with bringing team-based, complex care to elderly, frail residents.”

Several OSF services are being evaluated for inclusion including home health, nutritional counseling, social work, wound care, pain management, and various therapies.

OSF HealthCare has been an active participant with the state of Illinois on several innovative programs.

  •  Last year, OSF and the state of Illinois signed a five year $60+ million-dollar contract to deliver care and services including maternal and women’s health to the Medicaid population.
  •   During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, OSF partnered with the State to deliver a full continuum of digital health services including COVID-19 call centers, remote patient monitoring, digital pre-hospital care, and hospital at home services available for all ill and at-risk individuals within the state. 

Susie Smith video interview clips

View Senior World helps avoid social isolation
Senior World helps avoid social isolation
View Senior World offers transportation
Senior World offers transportation

Dr. Dawn Lemmert video interview clips

View All services in one building
All services in one building
View PACE is the provider and insurance
PACE is the provider and insurance

Nathan Pritzker video interview clips

View PACE available around the clock
PACE available around the clock
View Enrolling in PACE will look similar to Senior World
Enrolling in PACE will look similar to Senior World