14:03 PM

OSF Ventures Investing in Technology that Aims to Improve Patient Experience

OSF Ventures, the corporate investment arm of OSF HealthCare, is investing in PatientWisdom, a Connecticut-based company that’s developed an online platform focused on capturing patient perspectives.

PatientWisdom is a digital application that makes it easy for patients to share stories about themselves, their health and their care so that providers can better understand what matters most to them. The information captured is made available to the care team in an easy-to-view dashboard that provides quick insights and the ability to know their patients.

“We felt that by better empowering the clinician with the patient story, so to speak, it would lead to a closer relationship and ultimately better potential care from the clinician team.”


The technology also allows patients the chance to contribute ideas on how health organizations can improve. Using this data as well as the personal information shared by patients is expected to guide health care systems toward delivering a better patient experience, better population health management and ultimately, better care.

As part of this relationship, the OSF Innovation Partnerships team is also working with PatientWisdom to co-develop a new tool called ProviderWisdom, which collects and distills insights about providers’ work lives as well as information they want other clinicians to know about them, ideas they have for innovation and thoughts they have about improving clinical workflows.

“One of the goals of our venture program is to be able to work closely with the companies we invest in for the purpose of helping them refine or modify their product or service offerings so that they can be best deployed in the OSF environment.”


PatientWisdom has so far been piloted in the Streator, IL market. It’s expected to be offered in other OSF regions soon.