Quick Facts

Facility                                                     Location                   Licensed Beds                    

OSF Holy Family Medical Center           Monmouth, IL                    23                                        

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center       Rockford, IL                     254                                      

OSF Saint Anthony Health Center         Alton, IL                           203                                       

OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center     Ottawa, IL                          97                                       

OSF St. Francis Hospital                        Escanaba, MI                    23                                      

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center        Peoria, IL                          629                                      

OSF Saint James –
John W. Albrecht Medical Center
           Pontiac, IL                         42                                       

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center             Bloomington, IL                149                                       

OSF Saint Luke Medical Center             Kewanee, IL                       25                                       

OSF St. Mary Medical Center                 Galesburg, IL                      81                                        

OSF Saint Paul Medical Center              Mendota, IL                        25                                          

By the Numbers

Acute care hospitals: 11

Children's hospital: 1

OSF Medical Group Locations: 75

OSF Locations including hospitals: 115

Clinic site locations: 193

Prompt care sites: 13

Medical Staff & Employees

Employees: 18,884

Employed providers: 732

Advanced practioners: 404

Utilization FY15

Licensed beds: 1531

ED visits: 298,808

Outpatient visits: 1,469,492

Physician Enterprise office visits: 1,754,670

Inpatient admissions: 65,474

Home health annual visits: 201,429

Hospice patients served: 2,348

Number of persons served: 723,945

The OSF HealthCare Mission

In the spirit of Christ and the example of Francis of Assisi, the Mission of OSF HealthCare is to serve persons with the greatest care and love in a community that celebrates the Gift of Life.


The OSF HealthCare Vision

Embracing God's great gift of life, we are one OSF ministry transforming health care to improve the lives of those we serve.

This Vision refers to all components of OSF HealthCare including OSF Healthcare System, OSF Healthcare Foundation and OSF Saint Francis, Inc.


The OSF HealthCare Philosophy and Values

We, The Sisters of The Third Order of St. Francis believe: That led by the Spirit of the Gospels and the example of St. Francis, the special purpose of our existence as a corporation is to provide for the total well being of those we serve.

That every person, created in the image of God and composed of body and soul, is a human being endowed with intellect and free will, completely dependent upon God for existence and destined to possess God in heavenly beatitude. Because of the dignity of the human person and his moral conscience, each person has certain God-given rights with corresponding obligations toward his Creator, his fellow man and himself.

OSF HealthCare fulfills, through a service of love and compassion, a mission of caring and peace consistent with the needs of the Church and the people served. The love of Christ permeates its work as it strives to continue the healing ministry of Christ and His Church to the total person; to be love, mercy, inspiration, tenderness and compassion to those whose lives are entered.

From this philosophy flow these values which permeate all of our endeavors:

  • JUSTICE: Personal worth and dignity of every person we serve regardless of race, color, religion and ability to pay
  • COMPASSION: Caring response to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people we serve
  • INTEGRITY: Decision-making based on Catholic ethical principles and Catholic social teachings in every activity of the system
  • TEAMWORK: Collaboration with each other, with physicians, and with other providers to deliver comprehensive, integrated and quality health care
  • EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING: Concern for the physical, spiritual, emotional and economical well-being of employees
  • SUPPORTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Quality work environments which focus on comprehensive, integrated quality service and opportunities for employee growth
  • TRUST: Open and honest communication to foster trust relationships among ourselves and with those we serve
  • STEWARDSHIP: Responsible stewardship of the financial, human and technological resources of the system
  • LEADERSHIP: Leadership in the health field and in the communities we serve


The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis

Our Sisters invite you to learn more about our life together as a religious community, our Franciscan spirituality, and how we give our lives to God through serving His Church and His people today.