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Mobile simulator is real world classroom for EMT's

Any student will tell you, you can only learn so much from a book. It's only by actually applying what's being taught that what has been learned can be truly measured.

That's why Dr. Daniel Butterbach, Medical Director for OSF EMS at Saint Anthony Medical Center calls a new state-of-the-art EMS simulator a "game changer."

The ambulance-like simulator will better prepare first responders in providing patient care in critical situations, stroke, cardiac events and other trauma emergencies.

"Providing high quality emergency medical services begins with 9-1-1," says Carol Friesen, OSF HealthCare Northern Region CEO. "Whether that's Lifeline Ambulance or one of the excellent regional EMS providers that are our partners, the patient's recovery starts there.before they ever hit the facility room's doors. And better yet, our care is coordinated from the field all the way to the facilities." 

Carol Friesen, OSF Northern Region CEO on importance of EMS treatment in field

The simulator will allow students to feel as though they are in a real ambulance, creating road-like conditions, including sirens, engine and road noise. 

Meantime, instructors can follow the students learning and progress from video monitors outside the simulator.  

"That allows the instructor to watch and communicate and give real valuable feedback in teal time," says Dr. Daniel Butterbach, OSF EMS Medical Director. "And also for other students to watch what's going on inside of the unit. Among the features of the simulator are four high definition cameras with DVR capabilities, two-way, wireless audio speaker and instructor control panel."

OSF EMS Medical Director, Daniel Butterbach explains function of EMS Training Simulator

Made possible by a donation from Jay Akley, a retired police officer and firefighter, and his wife Christina, plus a contribution from the OSF HealthCare Foundation, the EMS simulator continues OSF's four-decade commitment to EMS training across north-central Illinois.

Mr. Akley says, "As a retired first responder, I am well aware of the trauma victims experience in the first minutes of an injury. This equipment will benefit the treatment provided those patients."    

OSF EMS trains more than 2,500 EMS providers in 70 agencies within our EMS system. 

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