Galesburg, Illinois,
14:50 PM

OSF HealthCare Cardiologist to Retire after Nearly Five Decades of Service in Galesburg

Madan L. Gupta, M.D., a longtime cardiologist at OSF HealthCare St. Mary Medical Center and Medical Clinic in Galesburg has announced he is retiring after 47 years of service.

Dr. Gupta started serving at OSF St. Mary Medical Center in 1973, six months after the construction of the Galesburg Clinic building and a year before construction of the current hospital building on the Seminary Street campus. He was the first specialist recruited to the new medical office next to OSF St. Mary’s.

The native of India chose to pursue a career in medicine in seventh grade and began medical school in 12th grade which was customary at the time. Eventually, he came to the U.S. and trained in several New York City hospitals. Dr. Gupta said, “Somehow I didn’t like the intense hustle and bustle.” He wanted to practice in a small town.

He saw an ad in a medical journal to practice cardiology in Galesburg and immediately after the interview, Dr. Gupta knew he was home. “When I interviewed, everyone was so nice to me and they didn’t have a cardiologist,” he recalled. Gupta wanted to be busy and he has been for nearly five decades. But, after COVID-19 hit, Dr. Gupta decided to make an early exit so he could enjoy life, including time with his successful children. Three of them also chose careers in health care while another is an architect.

“I have been busy like anything but I am 81 years old. 81 is a good time to retire. 47 years of practice is a good long time,” he shared.

One of his last patients was a woman he saw in his office just last month. 
Dr. Gupta had saved her life when she was in her 20s and pregnant. She had a blood clot that could have taken her life and that of her baby. “There were 20 family members outside the Emergency Room, all scared as I was,” he recalled. But, they trusted him to treat her. In coordination with her obstetrician, they developed a treatment plan and today, her baby is grown and the patient is happy and very healthy – one of Dr. Gupta’s many success stories.

While Dr. Gupta loves Galesburg and the congenial collaboration he enjoyed with nurses and other doctors, he is building a house in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook to be closer to his children and their families. He’s ready for the next phase of life. Reflecting on his many years of doing his best to serve with the greatest care and love he said, “God saves lives. We just work hard to do what we can.”

Dr. Gupta has been receiving cards and notes from his patients since they received a letter announcing his retirement that takes effect July 1.

The Galesburg Clinic is transitioning patients to other cardiac specialists who will provide excellent preventative care, treatment, and follow-up for Dr. Gupta’s patients.