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OSF HealthCare Unveils OSF Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Lab will expand work of Innovation Center

OSF Lab at UIC

OSF HealthCare is pleased to announce the creation of the OSF Innovation Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), part of UICs Innovation Center, as part of it being the first corporate partner with Discovery Partners Institute (DPI).

Focused on breakthrough innovations for the most vulnerable populations, the lab will be solving for tools and technologies that are non-existent today. Dr. Sarah de Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer of Clinical Innovation and Vice President OSF Innovation for OSF HealthCare, is leading the work of the complex innovation solution team at OSF Innovation with focus areas on aging in place, doing more for those with less and radical access to care.

“We are excited about this partnership with UIC. Innovation historically has designed for the middle of the curve. Our work is taking a spotlight on the areas that have not typically been addressed,” said Dr. de Ramirez. “By placing these interdisciplinary teams from across the university with our complex solutions team at OSF Innovation, we will we have a unique opportunity to solve for health care for those most challenged by the current environment.”

The OSF Innovation Lab at UIC welcomed its first students in early June with 12 doctorate students working with six professors. The OSF Innovation Lab will welcome 40 additional graduate level students when classes resume this fall. The year-long course will study approaches to engaging the under-employed, combating food insecurities and Illinois-wide wellness services through precision-guided innovation.

“OSF HealthCare, which operates 13 hospitals, is one of Illinois’ top healthcare providers. The course will bring together students from across the (U of I) system – from medicine, design, engineering and business – to work toward creating a system that provides connected, precision-guided health care delivery for Illinois,” said Tim Killeen, President of the University of Illinois system.

“The OSF Innovation Lab at UIC is yet another component of our desire to strengthen our academic partnerships across the broad spectrum of the University of Illinois,” said Dr. John Vozenilek, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Jump Simulation, another focus area of OSF Innovation.


Bob Sehring, CEO, OSF HealthCare
OSF HealthCare is committed to addressing the social determinants of health and the transformation of the care provided in the communities we serve. To be a part of these expanded opportunities to increase engagement across the continuum of a variety of technologies through the Discovery Partners Institute and the OSF Innovation Lab is something we are excited to be a part of.
Bob Sehring, CEO, OSF HealthCare

"OSF HealthCare vision has been to lead the transformation of health care. This partnership will allow us to achieve breakthrough innovations to impact individuals across Illinois and improve the lives of those we serve," added Michelle Conger, Chief Strategy Officer for OSF HealthCare.

The OSF Innovation Lab is one of the inaugural components of the DPI in downtown Chicago. On Tuesday, Governor Bruce Rauner detailed progress of the DPI and development of the Illinois Innovation Network. The recently approved state budget included $500 million in capital funding for the $1.2 billion project.

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