Peoria, IL,
17:30 PM

Collaborating Across the Ocean

As one of the top 10 innovative health systems in the United States, OSF HealthCare through OSF Innovation partners with a number of organizations in an effort to bring emerging technologies and platforms to patients and medical providers.

Enterprise Ireland is the government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets and is one of the largest venture capital funds in the world.

The two sides met this week to discuss potential partnerships moving forward.

View Matthew Warrens - What the visit is for
Matthew Warrens - What the visit is for
View Donal Cummings - Why OSF Innovation
Donal Cummings - Why OSF Innovation

"This is an opportunity for us to bring some Enterprise Ireland companies who are visiting health care systems across United States, bring them here to Peoria and meet with our key opinion leaders both in our clinical and administrative functions and understand what our potential partnerships might be with these start-up companies," explained Matthew Warrens - Vice President of Innovation Partnerships – OSF HealthCare.

What we are trying to do is to connect Irish companies with opportunities here in the US and that's about building strategic relationships with organizations like OSF," added Donal Cummings – Vice President, Digital Health & Life Sciences – Enterprise Ireland.

OSF Innovation and Enterprise Ireland first collaborated a little over a year ago on the application known as Silver Cloud. The SilverCloud Health tool offers evidence-based therapeutic programs patients can use to manage their mental and behavioral health. The customizable, interactive application includes various mindfulness exercises, interactive journaling, mood and lifestyle charting as well as coaching to meet weekly goals.

Both sides hope to see more efforts of this kind in the future, with a goal of making a greater impact on the care continuum.


View Matthew Warrens - Collaboration
Matthew Warrens - Collaboration
View Donal Cummings - Impact
Donal Cummings - Impact

"When it comes to health care, the crises we face in the United States are very similar or the same crises that the whole world really is battling around health care. So I think we have an opportunity to learn from companies all over the world about how they’re solving different health care problems and how we can potentially collaborate together on those key issues," said Warrens.

"Our biggest trading partner currently is the United Kingdom, the UK. The Midwest has a larger GDP than the UK, so the opportunity is massive, it's relatively untapped as well compared to other markets. When we come to places like Peoria and OSF and the relationship we’ve built, just their ability to go out there and look for innovative partners is something that it'll chimes well with us and works really well with our message we always get a really warm welcome," added Cummings.

OSF Innovation looks to partner with like-minded organizations that help it achieve four specific goals for the communities it serves: Advancing Simulation; Providing More for Those With Less; Radical Access to Care; and, Aging in Place.