Danville, IL,
16:22 PM

OSF HealthCare and Danville Polyclinic Sign Letter of Intent

OSF HealthCare will take ownership in 2019.

OSF HealthCare and Danville Polyclinic have signed a letter of intent for OSF HealthCare to take ownership of the clinic in early 2019. This move is a continuation of the commitment OSF HealthCare made to Danville and the surrounding communities to provide access to top-notch health care to those who need it.

OSF HealthCare and Polyclinic are committed to ensuring continued access to quality care and services during this shift in ownership, and patients should see no change in care throughout this process.

“We are excited to continue to grow our Ministry and serve the patients in Danville and the surrounding communities,” said Dr. Jeffry Tillery, CEO, OSF HealthCare Medical Group. “Our goal is to assure that high-quality, affordable care is available and sustainable. We feel this transition of ownership allows us to continue that work. We respect Danville Polyclinic’s commitment to its patients and community and will work diligently to make this move as seamless as possible for patients.”

“We are excited to announce that by unanimous decision by all Danville Polyclinic doctors, health care providers and administration, we shall be joining in the near future OSF Health Care, which was named the best employer in Illinois by Forbes, to stabilize, improve and expand the hospital and outpatient health care of ALL patients in Danville and wide surrounding area,” added Dr. Naresh Goel, President of the Board, Danville Polyclinic.

The timeframe for completing the transition is still being determined.