Bloomington, Illinois,
08:33 AM

OSF HealthCare Donates Land for Future Community Center

OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center, in collaboration with the YMCA and Easterseals, is going to build a community center on property adjacent to the Bloomington, Illinois hospital. OSF HealthCare is donating the land, valued at $3 million, for the project.

Construction of the new YMCA will begin upon conclusion of a fundraising campaign to raise sufficient funds for the project. The capital effort is in an early initial stage of building support among key stakeholders prior to launching a full community campaign.

The land is in a prime location in the center of the city. While the old YMCA is on the west end of Bloomington, the new facility will be more centrally located and have the capacity to serve over 20,000 residents each year. 

Chad Boore 2

“The Sisters, when they moved out here 50 years ago, really had some foresight as to where Bloomington-Normal was going to be growing,” said Chad Boore, OSF HealthCare Regional CEO.

In addition to recreational activities, the new center will also offer classes on nutrition, exercise, and chronic disease prevention. Lynn Fulton, President of OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, said she hopes this project will change the way people traditionally view healthcare.

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“Today, our providers write prescriptions for medications. The future is also writing prescriptions for health and wellness,” she said. “You’re not just going there to workout – you’re going there to really join a community of others like you.”

Strengthening the Bloomington-Normal community is a key mission of the project. The center will aim to bring together people of all ages through programs like afterschool care, social services, and volunteer opportunities. The partnership with the YMCA and Easterseals gives OSF the opportunity to offer a range of services and expand its impact.

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“Both are great organizations from a Mission standpoint,” said Boore. “As this came together, we looked at serving common interests and common communities. We found great collaboration and connectivity through those missions.”

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Renderings of the building show space for an indoor track, swimming pool, Boys and Girls Club, classrooms and a childcare center. It will be located on the corner of St. Joseph Drive and East Washington Street.