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OSF HealthCare to Open Redesigned Emergency Department in Monmouth

On Thursday, April 7, OSF HealthCare Holy Family Medical Center in Monmouth, Illinois held a special blessing and dedication ceremony for its newly redesigned emergency department (ED).

Previously 2,000 square feet with four patient rooms, the new and expanded ED is now more than 10,000 square feet and includes a total of 10 patient rooms – in addition to a dedicated triage room, a behavioral health room, and a decontamination room. A new ambulance bay with a private entrance was also added. The redesign combines innovation and state-of-the-art concepts to enhance the patient experience and improve efficiencies.

“The ED really is the access point for care for many. It’s where we go when we’re the most vulnerable and certainly when we need to place our trust in those locally to care for us, going where we know the community members who are providing that care. Seeing the opportunity for innovation and transformative care right here in our local community is just such an incredible opportunity,” said Lisa DeKezel, president of OSF HealthCare Holy Family Medical Center. “OSF really continues to show its commitment to long-term, high-quality rural care.”

The ED redesign project began in the spring of 2021. While it had already been a goal to renovate the space, the COVID-19 pandemic solidified the need for an expansion, as emergency room volumes across the country soared. In addition to an extra 8,000 square feet, the improved capabilities of the new ED will enhance the services available to patients while allowing OSF Mission Partners (employees) to continue providing the quality compassionate care the community has grown accustomed to.

OSF HealthCare Western Region CEO, Roxanna Crosser, credits the OSF Holy Family Mission Partners for their collaboration and teamwork over the last two years, which she says has helped bring this project to fruition.

“They really have a demonstration of compassionate care, having the capabilities that they are able to work with in this new facility both on the ED and also on the inpatient side, and how this all works together as a team. Our physicians, our nurses, our techs, the pharmacy – all of these individuals have been so keenly involved in this project,” Crosser said. “It really solidifies the stability of the market in Monmouth and really having care local – both for ED and inpatient observation, and also our surgical patients.”

The blessing and dedication ceremony also honored the outstanding support of the hospital’s surrounding community, the project’s dedicated donors, and the continued commitment by OSF HealthCare to serve rural communities.

Linda Murray, one of the project’s donors, lost her mother Lavonne Miller in 2020. Miller was a former OSF Holy Family ED nurse. As soon as Murray heard about the redesign project, she felt compelled to get involved.

“My mom worked here and it was such a part of our lives. I think it’s important for the community – especially a rural community – to have a good health center. My mother just passed away two years ago, so my husband and I have been thinking about how we can honor her. It just happened to all fall together,” explained Murray.

Michelle Reyburn, who serves on the OSF Holy Family Medical Center Community Council, says supporting the redesign project was especially important to her family, as she credits the OSF Holy Family ED for saving both her mother and her father on separate occasions.

“Our family is very proud to be able to donate to the new emergency department. We feel like it’s a great asset to the community, and we know personally what good care people can receive here at Holy Family. The new ED is going to do nothing but improve and expand that,” Reyburn said.

OSF HealthCare is committed to “serving persons with the greatest care and love” in the spirit of Christ and the example of Francis of Assisi – and this OSF Holy Family Medical Center ED redesign project reflects this Mission.

“I really believe firmly that we need to give back to those who give so willingly every single day in caring for their communities and investing in their communities. OSF and our local Warren and Henderson Community Health Foundation, our incredible donors, and the community’s support really just show what it takes when rural communities come together to ensure this level of services for just truly wonderful people,” said DeKezel.

Lisa DeKezel, President, OSF Holy Family Medical Center - video clips

View Lisa DeKezel- high quality care in rural communities
Lisa DeKezel- high quality care in rural communities
View Lisa DeKezel- community coming together
Lisa DeKezel- community coming together

Roxanna Crosser, OSF HealthCare Western Region CEO - video clips

View Roxanna Crosser- solidifies the stability of Monmouth market
Roxanna Crosser- solidifies the stability of Monmouth market
View Roxanna Crosser- involvement of Mission Partners
Roxanna Crosser- involvement of Mission Partners

Linda Murray, OSF HealthCare Donor - video clip

Linda Murray- why we donated

Michelle Reyburn, OSF HealthCare Donor - video clip

Michelle Reyburn- proud to be able to donate