Urbana, IL,
10:13 AM

OSF OnCall Expands

24/7 online access to medical care now available in Urbana and Danville

There’s never a good time to be sick and need a doctor, especially when it comes to non-emergency, minor illnesses.

As of May 8, OSF HealthCare is offering OSF OnCall, 24/7 online access to medical care to the Urbana and Danville area. Patients throughout Illinois can access care whenever they need it via smartphone, tablet or computer.

“Everyone is busy. We know that getting in to see a provider can sometimes be a challenge, so we want to make it easier,” said Jeffry Tillery, MD, Chief Executive Officer, OSF Medical Group. “It’s a modern-day house call. Thanks to improvements in telemedicine, you can ‘see’ a medical provider in the comfort of your own home.”

OSF OnCall is ideal for minor complaints such as urinary tract or sinus infections, rashes including poison ivy, insect bites, pink eye, colds and flu. Patients with more serious issues will be referred to a local urgent care facility or the emergency department at either OSF HealthCare Heart of Mary Medical Center in Urbana or OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center in Danville.

Each virtual visit is just $35, the lowest price in the market for such services. A provider will determine within the first three minutes if the condition would be better treated at a nearby medical facility. If so, a fee will not be charged for the OSF OnCall visit.

OSF OnCall is offered throughout Illinois. Those is more rural areas, where travel can be difficult, find it to be a perfect option when it comes to seeking medical care for minor conditions.

OSF OnCall is accessed online at www.osfoncall.org. Once logged in, patients are connected directly to amedical professional who will be able to see them using the camera on their device. This allows for a face-to-face conversation and assessment.

If someone is unable to access the website, patient service representatives can assist by phone 24/7 at844-673-1673

Other advantages to OSF OnCall:

• No appointment necessary. A typical visit takes 30 minutes from sign-in to finish, with an average of 20 minutes direct interaction with the medical professional.

• Patients use the pharmacy of their choice

• The medical record from the visit is shared with the patient’s primary care provider. If they don’t have a PCP,OSF HealthCare will help get them one.

OSF OnCall is delivered by CareSimple Providers, PS. The board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners are dedicated to delivering quality virtual care and advancing the field of telemedicine.