11:27 AM

Renovations to OSF Center for Health-Streator about to Begin

Project moves forward with selection of contractor

PJ Hoerr, a Peoria-based contractor, has been hired to oversee the $30.5 million renovation of the OSF Center for Health-Streator.

Both exterior and interior renovations are planned for the Spring Street facility. These include a new entrance and lobby, upgrades to registration, with the addition of a tech bar for computer users. OSF specialty clinics, rehabilitation, primary care and diagnostic imaging improvements are planned. To advance its partnership with local residents and organizations, OSF is adding community education and meeting rooms.

"The building is just the start in a piece to a larger project where we're looking at the Streator community as a way to deliver differently in rural communities," says Don Damron, Vice President for Ambulatory Services at OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center.

Don Damron SB

PJ Hoerr, a third generation company, has done numerous construction projects for OSF HealthCare. Company Chairman and CEO, Bob Hoerr (hair), cites OSF's integrity as the reason they like working on OSF projects.  

"We've been around 104 years and we pride ourselves on our integrity," says Bob Hoerr, Chairman and CEO of PJ Hoerr. "And the Sisters have always been wonderful to work for. They hire the best people.They're the dominant health care provider in our area. And so, you like to work for the best. And they've always been very fair to work with. Very professional about how they go about things and, so, we're just very - we're always excited whenever we can do OSF projects." 

Bob Hoerr SB

The first phase of the renovation will begin in February, with completion of the entire project slated for late summer 2019.

All patient services will be available and hours of operation will not be impacted during construction.