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Riverbend Celebrates Opening of New OSF HealthCare Moeller Cancer Center

$14 Million dollar investment expected to add 600 new patients a year

Madison County's Cancer rate is the second-highest in the state -- topped only by that in the populous Cook County in south Chicago. So the OSF HealthCare Moeller Cancer Center on the Saint Anthony's Health Center campus in Alton is a welcome addition. 

The $14 million dollar,15,000 square foot, single-story building will be home to the most tenured medical and radiation oncologists in the Riverbend and will bring comprehensive, compassionare cancer treatment and support services under one roof. An eclosed walkway connects to the hospital and will allow for easy access to therapy, treatment and support services.

It's estimated the new center will treat 600 new patients a year, with many now able to receive treatment locally instead of having to cross the river to St. Louis. Riverbend Growth Association President John Keller called the new OSF HealthCare Moeller Cancer Center the best example of a resurgence of growth and change for the region along the Mississippi.

 Bishop Thomas John Paprocki from the Diocese of Springfield, presided over the blessing, a tradition for any new building or expansion in the OSF HealthCare system.

 "Let us ask for God's blessing this building, erected for care of the stick," he prayed. He also sprinkled holy water throughout the structure, including the entrance where many will walk through the doors looking for hope. The center is named for Mike and Amy Moeller, who made the largest private donation of $1 million toward the construction of the center.and they pledged $150,000 for sponsorship of an annual golf outing that supports ongoing services.

Moeller lost his father to cancer but he recalled his dad often prayed with patients, something he, Amy and their four children pledge to do. As he looked back toward the new building, he said,"There is nothing in that building that is lacking but what will make this place special is you all. It's the people. It's the caregivers. It's the sisters. It's everybody in this community that'll make this a special place."

View Bishop John Paprocki Blessing
Bishop John Paprocki Blessing
View Mike Moeller-Compassion makes the difference
Mike Moeller-Compassion makes the difference

Radiation Oncologist, Dr. James Piephoff  who has been at Saint Anthony's Health Center for 16 years joked that he has waited a long time to see a new cancer center. "This is a wonderful day. It's been 199 months that I've been here at Saint Anthony's and I've made the comment that I was going to give them 200 months and that was it, do we made it," he said with a smile and laughs from the capacity crowd.

Piephoff also called the new center a game changer. 

“We don’t treat cancer; we treat the individual who has cancer,” Peipoff said “It is wonderfull to now have a facility with everything under one roof that we need to seamlessly coordinate care.”


Dr James Piepoff-Jokes about reaching this goal

Sister M. Anselma, OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center ohief operating officer and a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George, the original founders of Saint Athony’s, said the goal was to make the center a beacon of hope and planners visited cancer centers throughout the Midwest and sought input from cancer patients to design every detail.

They also have choices about the kind of environment they want to create while receiving chemotherapy.

“Our patients can choose all of these different elements between privacy, openness, light, darkness, TV, silence, reading, being in the healing garden versus being in the infusion center in a chair with the nurses. There’s all these different choices they have to make this experience as easy as possible for them,”she said.

President and CEO Ajay Pathak said the Moeller Cancer Center is part of OSF HealthCare's investment in transforming health care in the Riverbend. Pathak says cancer has impacted almost everyone so the community has felt passionate about supporting the project.

"We've seen a tremendous outpouring of support first and foremost by Mike and Amy Moeller for their generous contribution but also from key community leaders and businesses that have supported us so much from a fundraissing standpoint to be able to get us to the point where we're able to open the doors for our patients here in our community."

View Sister M. Anselma-Patients have options for treatment environment
Sister M. Anselma-Patients have options for treatment environment
View Ajay Pathak-Community support has been amazing
Ajay Pathak-Community support has been amazing

Cancer survivors and those still undergoing treatment streamed through the building during tours after the dedication, blessing and Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. Single mother of three Crystal Dolbee of Wood River was among them. She was diagnosed to metastatic breast cancer in November of last year and she's still undergoing treatment. After her tour she declared, "This place is heaven!"

She also said, "This place gives you hope," and added her favorite feature is the option to receive chemotherapy in the healing garden or enjoy privacy in the infusion bays that can be adapted to whatever patients want in their experience.

"It's beautiful. hey've got a garden there ... they've got a nice little area. It's like on your back patio ... your porch. You feel like you're at home," she shared. "You want to feel more like yourself. You're not just at a hospital this and that, going through with people passing by. And, you've got your privacy (if you want it), you've got Netflix. It's like sitting on your couch at home. It's very homey -- friendly and homey."

Crystal Dobee-It's like home

The OSF HealthCare Moeller Cancer Center will officially begin operations Monday, October 14.

Here is more information about comprehensive cancer care available now at the OSF HealthCare Moeller Cancer Center.The community capital campaign for the new cancer center is ongoing and contributions can be made online here.


View Ajay Pathak-Planners counted steps patients would have to take
Ajay Pathak-Planners counted steps patients would have to take
View SisterM. Anselma-Care team offered ideas
SisterM. Anselma-Care team offered ideas
View Sister M. Anselma-Patients provided input
Sister M. Anselma-Patients provided input
View Angie Halliday-Radiaton area designed to ease anxiety
Angie Halliday-Radiaton area designed to ease anxiety