Peoria, Illinois,
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Three OSF HealthCare Innovation Leaders to Present to American Medical Association

Three key leaders for OSF Innovation have been selected to present this fall at the American Medical Association’s ChangeMedEd 2019 conference which brings together leaders who are transforming how physicians and residents are trained.

The leaders represent a range of advancements created at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, a part of OSF Innovation and a collaboration with the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria. Their efforts fall into separate categories:

  • Innovation Exploration: Discussion of research and innovations that are in process or have recently reached a key milestone
  • Glimpse of the Future: Thought-provoking insights into inspirational innovations that have the potential to re-shape medical education, overcome difficult challenges and impact the training continuum
  • Portable Transformation: Description of an innovation, unique solution, technique or process that could be adopted by others in the medical education community

Scott Barrows is among the leaders who’ll be presenting. Barrows, a clinical assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at UICOMP and part of the Medical Visualization team at Jump, collaborated with clinicians to create a multi-modal smart phone app to help identify skin lesions and determine their severity and treatment options. It’s designed to work in combination with a semi-clear and surface-textured skin model that simulates skin lesions and their biomechanical properties. The effort received support from Dr. Stephen Boppart at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana biophotonics lab.

Barrows said with so many sun worshippers among Baby Boomers and farmers who spend so much time in the sun, this is a practical application, not only for teaching, but for use by primary care doctors who are often the only doctor some patients will see. He also thinks a less complex version could be scaled for personal use by health care consumers.Barrows received funding through the Jump ARCHES grant program. The Applied Research for Community Health Through Engineering and Simulation program focuses on technology and techniques for clinical simulation to improve patient care.

“My hope is to bring more human-centered design thinking into problem-solving and being in a room with the caliber of bioengineers and educators from leading institutions around the world will be challenging but exciting,” said Barrows who has worked with legendary innovator Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc. He said having three representatives chosen from OSF Innovation recognizes the leadership role the health care system plays in innovation within Medical Education.


Scott Barrows, OSF Innovation Leader
“This is a satisfying part of a long journey."
Scott Barrows, OSF Innovation Leader

The two other OSF Innovation leaders appearing at the September 18 conference include John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP, vice president and chief medical officer at Jump who’ll be giving a presentation called, Augmented Reality in Service to Knowledge Transfer-Medical Equipment Orientation on Mobile Devices.

Director of Simulation Research, William Bond, MD, MS, will offer a presentation entitled, Creation of Experiential Learning Opportunities for High Value Cost Conscious Care using Actor-Based and Avatar-Based Simulation.