Peoria, IL,
15:20 PM

A Blessing From Above: Bishop Jenky Takes to the Skies

On Good Friday, an OSF Life Flight helicopter carried some special guests into the skies of Peoria. The Most Reverend Bishop Daniel R. Jenky and Vicar General Philip Halfacre of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria took flight to confer a special blessing for protection on the region, on health care workers, first responders and all those suffering and their families.

“We already know he loves OSF HealthCare and our Sisters, but to have him to just jump into that helicopter and want to go up and bless and pray for us really means a lot. It’s a really powerful symbol and we’re grateful,” remarked Steve Mattern, Vice President of Mission Services, OSF HealthCare.


Bishop Jenky’s flight took him across the Peoria diocese, where he blessed all four corners of its boundaries. He offered a special prayer by Pope Francis, a blessing and gave shepherdly support during this challenging time. He sought to anchor us in hope and also give joy and encouragement.

“He’s showing how a Bishop, a shepherd of the church, is drawing near to us at a time when a lot of us are experiencing our first ever Holy Week not able to participate in all of the things that we normally would liturgically, and so it’s just a real joy and hope for us to see our Bishop come near to us,” said Mattern.


The Bishop extended his blessing and encouragement to all OSF HealthCare Mission Partners.

The Diocese of Peoria comprises 26 counties across central Illinois, many of which are served by OSF HealthCare.