Bloomington, IL,
11:10 AM

High Tech Bassinets Mean Innovative Infant Care

SJMC bassinet 4

The newborn babies at OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Medical Center’s Birthing Center are slumbering in style. The birthing center has purchased 15 new HALO Bassinest® Swivel Sleepers – a new concept in the world of bassinets. The Swivel Sleeper is the only hospital bassinet designed to safely keep baby closer to mom than ever before, enabling the closeness that a mother desires most in the first moments with her child.

Across the country fewer than 30 hospitals have adopted the HALO Bassinest® Swivel Sleeper, and OSF St. Joseph birthing center is only the second in Illinois to secure these innovative bassinets.

“The Halo bassinets allow our families to be close to their babies during their entire hospital stay,” said Cassandra Adkins, Nursing Patient Care Supervisor, OSF St. Joseph Birthing Center. “They adjust to heights low enough for dads to see baby when laying on the couch and high enough to lay right across mom’s bed. The side of the crib drops as well, so parents can easily leave a hand on the baby all night long for comfort. It also allows mothers who have recently had a cesarean delivery much easier access to their babies.”

The HALO Bassinest is uniquely designed to:

• Provide convenient, easy access to baby from bed. Ideal for mothers recovering from a C-section or with physical disabilities.

• Support breastfeeding and maternal-newborn bonding.

• Reduce the likelihood of infant injuries from accidental drops.

• Provide accessibility to enable mother to care for her baby.

• Provide baby his own safe sleep space to encourage safe sleep practices in the hospital and at home.

“At OSF St. Joseph Medical Center we strive to provide education to our families regarding a safe sleep environment. The safest place for a baby to sleep is in the same room as his parents but on a separate sleep surface. The Halo bassinet allows the baby to be easily reachable all night long while still on a separate sleep surface, thus promoting safe sleep for all of the babies in our Birthing Center,” said Renell Composto, Manager of Patient Care, OSF St. Joseph Birthing Center.

The OSF HealthCare St. Joseph Birthing Center is the Bloomington area’s only designated Baby-Friendly hospital – the gold standard of maternity care. It is one of just 19 Baby-Friendly locations in Illinois.

OSF St. Joseph also offers around the clock neonatology care by experienced neonatology experts from OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria. These specialist bring a higher level of expertise on-site for those newborns who need more in-depth care, as well as provide safe stabilization and transfer, should the newborn need to be sent to OSF Children’s Hospital.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the OSF St. Joseph Birthing Center, please click here or call (309) 665-4703.