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OSF HealthCare Named a 2018 CHIME HealthCare Most Wired

OSF HealthCare has been recognized as one of the MOST WIRED in the country, according to the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) HealthCare’s Most Wired survey results. This marks the seventh consecutive year for this achievement for OSF, a 13-hospital, integrated health system owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis.

Hospitals and health systems at the forefront of using healthcare IT to improve the delivery of care have maximized the benefits of foundational technologies and are embracing new technologies that support population management and value-based care. The most successful organizations not only adopt technology but apply it strategically to achieve great outcomes for their patients.

The goal of the Most Wired program is to identify best practices and promote the strategic use of healthcare IT to elevate the health and care of communities around the world.

“What the Most Wired designation has continued to reaffirm for us is how important our continued investment is to the value we are able to provide our patients, and to ensure that the products that we bring to the table are beneficial but at same time secure and protected for their best interest,” said Jim Mormann, Chief Executive Officer Integrated Solutions and CIO, OSF HealthCare.

Jim Mormann - MW mean

The report found two key areas that emerged in 2018: the use of foundational technologies such as integration, interoperability, security and disaster recovery; and the use of transformational technologies to support population health management, value-based care, patient engagement and telehealth. These foundational pieces need to be in place for an organization to leverage tools to effectively transform healthcare.

“Foundational components are the back bones that keep our systems running and operating. It’s our core systems, like our Electronic Medical Record and our Enterprise Resource Planning systems. These are the solution sets that allow us to run our core business functions like registration, ordering, image management, pharmacy, and more,” explained Mormann. “The transformational components really talk about the next generation of what we're doing beyond those type of services, it's where we start utilizing advanced software, data, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, to help us treat patient differently, while trying to potential interact with them electronically where they’re at versus inside of our organization.”

“I think it's important for OSF, our communities, and for the patients that they understand that we're investing in ongoing technology, while vetting it with diligence to ensure best we can that their information secure. By making these investments and advancing these technologies, we are bringing the latest and best product for the care and treatment of our patients.”

View Jim Mormann - transformational
Jim Mormann - transformational
View Jim Mormann - OSF leader
Jim Mormann - OSF leader