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11:20 AM

Obesity Week: Important Conversations to Combat Obesity

In Washington DC this week, leading obesity experts and researchers from around the world have gathered to share innovation and breakthroughs in the science, clinical application, surgical intervention and prevention of obesity. The Obesity Society (TOS) has dubbed this annual gathering Obesity Week.

Many experts consider obesity an epidemic in America. OSF HealthCare Registered Dietitian and Weight Loss Specialist Jill Lynch agrees. She says the conversations happening this week are more important than ever.

“It’s leading to more diseases” said Lynch. “With the epidemic of obesity, it’s leading to chronic illness, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, people are having trouble sleeping. With lack of exercise, not being able to move causes issues with joint problems, needing knee replacements and so forth, so it shouldn’t be ignored.”

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one-third of U.S. adults is considered obese.

But Lynch says losing weight and keeping it off is not always as simple as starting a new diet plan. Exploring the reasons behind an unhealthy relationship with food is as important as portion control and exercise, and can put someone on the path to a lifetime of healthy living.

“It might be a problem that stemmed from childhood. That they are eating for comfort. They’re eating for emotional issues. It’s important to find out the root of the problem, rather than just a temporary fix. Try to make it more of a long term fix than just a short term fix,” she said.

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Lynch and the team at the OSF HealthCare Weight Management Center in Bloomington help patients with that step by combining medical, behavioral and lifestyle changes to help patients achieve long term weight loss.

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