Evergreen Park,
13:18 PM

OSF HealthCare Brings OSF OnCall Urgent Care to Metro Region

OSF HealthCare is pleased to be able to grow health care delivery options in communities where we have been called to serve. We are excited to announce the opening of six brand new OSF OnCall Urgent Care locations in the Metro Region. On February 1, 2021, a special blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony was held as the first Metro Region location opened in Merrionette Park at 3315 West 115th Street.

“As we all know, the last year has held many challenges as we face the pandemic, and yet we continue to grow and expand our services and access to healthcare for the residents of southwest Chicago,” said Brandi Clark, vice president, On Demand Services, OSF OnCall.

OSF OnCall Urgent Care facilities build on current primary care services offered through OSF HealthCare and are designed for individuals and families who might not yet be ready to establish a traditional physician-patient relationship. The more modern setting has the feel of a lounge area rather than a traditional doctor’s office and offers greater ease of access to care.

“We are really excited to have OSF OnCall now in our Metro Region of Chicago because our community is very busy, and our families are busy. Especially now with COVID, there are so many times where you may not be able to get into a doctor right away or you may not need services of an emergency department – so it’s going to be really important to get in and out. For families on the go here on the south side of Chicago, OSF OnCall Urgent Care is the place to go,” said AJ Querciagrossa, chief executive officer, Metro Region, OSF HealthCare.

The Merrionette Park location is the first of six coming to the Metro Region. The five additional OSF OnCall Urgent Care Clinics will be opening in in Burbank, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn and West Lawn.

“I want to thank all of the healthcare workers who are going to be working with our community and surrounding communities here. We know that you are dealing with this (pandemic) on a day-to-day basis, so thank you very much – and welcome to the Village of Merrionette Park,” said Jose Nevarez, mayor, Merrionette Park.

More information about specific services to be offered in the Metro Region locations will be forthcoming. To learn more about these clinics, click here.

Brandi Clark, Vice President, OSF OnCall

Brandi Clark- expanding services to southwest Chicago

AJ Querciagrossa, CEO, Metro Region

AJ Querciagrossa- excited to offer OSF OnCall Urgent Care in Metro Region

Jose Nevarez, Mayor, Merrionette Park

Mayor Jose Nevarez- welcome to Merrionette Park

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