14:32 PM

OSF HealthCare Receives International Recognition For Leadership Development


OSF HealthCare has achieved international recognition for its leadership development program. At this year’s global conference of the Association of Internal Management Consultants (AIMC), the executive leadership development and succession team from OSF HealthCare was honored with the AIMC’s inaugural Internal Partnership Award.

“This award is the result of efforts to tailor executive learning within our organization to our mission and values while ensuring alignment with Ministry strategy and leadership standards which estend beyond our industry,” said Todd VanNest, Ministry Leadership Formation Program Director for OSF HealthCare. “Our program includes an exceptionally supported and sustained learning journey for participants, and it’s an honor to be recognized by our peers for this work.”

Leadership learning at OSF HealthCare is a “program of programs” aimed at preparing a dynamic pipeline of leaders for driving transformation and succeeding in roles that may not even presently exist on an organizational chart. The overarching purpose is to identify, grow and develop the talent that can lead strategic initiatives and operational outcome improvements.

“We are blessed to have active sponsorship from the highest level of leadership within our organization, our own evidence base, and a super team,” says Van Nest. “The measurable growth we get to see, and how that translates into a great learning experience and OSF outcomes, is first and foremost a function of how our participating leaders in this community support one another.”

Another key to winning the award was AIMC member companies, including Boeing, Chevron, Dell, Mayo Clinic and Humana, hearing first-hand about OSF’s efforts at the 2018 global conference, as presented by OSF Learning and Development Manager, Jennifer Hunt. “The award recognizes OSF’s innovative approach to develop and inspire our leaders,” says Hunt. “The sharing of the OSF story of our intentional investment in our executive talent clearly inspired our fellow global organizational consultants and revealed its value to industries beyond health care.”