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OSF's New Mobile-Friendly Careers Site

Upgrades make it easier for applicants

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Research shows a growing number of job seekers are using smartphones to find their next opportunity.  

A 2015 Pew Research Center survey found that 28 percent of U.S. adults, including 53 percent of those 18-29, have used a smartphone as part of a job search.

That's a key reason why OSF HealthCare has updated its careers site. It's now totally mobile-friendly and the on-line process is streamlined to make job application much more accessible and quicker.

"We are moving more from an employer-centric market where it was more about administrative efficiencies and finding more information easier earlier on in the process," says Shannon Howell, OSF HealthCare Recruitment Specialist. "Now, it's a candidate-centric market where it is really about the imperative information you need earlier on in the process. When we switch to that it really shortens the application and makes it much more easier for the candidate so they don't feel like they need to stop what they're doing and do something else and come back to it."


Shannon Howell on reasons for upgrade of OSF Career link

One of the biggest changes is that a login, nor profile is needed. Users simply upload their resume online or link directly to their social media accounts. 

OSF Recruitment Strategist, Shannon Howell says this should encourage more applications for the 800 to 1,000 jobs that, on average, are open throughout OSF HealthCare.

"We have resources there to teach you about career opportunities, whether you interested in becoming a nurse, a doctor, laboratory, radiology, etcetera," says Shannon Howell, OSF HealthCare Recruitment Specialist. "We have different tools out there. We have Mission Partner stories to help guide you and make you feel confident in your decisions. And then we have a really easy searching tool that actually even pulls up a map to show where jobs are compared to what you searched for." 

Shannon Howell on features of OSF Career link

Additionally, based on an applcant's previous searches, the site will make recommendations on positions that might be suitable to the job seeker.

Learn more at osfcareers.org.

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