Peoria, IL,
14:16 PM

Preparing to Respond in Times of Crisis

TEDCON combines Trauma, Emergency Medical Services, and Disaster Preparedness concepts into a two day conference.

No one likes to think about their community being hit by a disaster or large scale emergency, but if yours was, are first responders and emergency services providers ready to handle it?

That's the goal of TEDCON 2017. TEDCON - Trauma, Emergency Medical Services, and Disaster Preparedness - brings together these three disciplines which are integral to each other during times of need. These specialties must collaborate and work together for the best outcome.

Troy Erbentraut, Manager of Disaster Management for OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, and part of the Region 2 Healthcare Coalition, says when a disaster happens, preparedness is important.

Troy-Preparedness in Important

The conference will include sessions on pediatric trauma, CPR survival, weather emergencies, fatality management, traumatic brain injury, active shooters, crisis management, the well-being of first responders, and more. Erbentraut says the training and focusing on the public – both as first responders in their own way and on their needs – can help a community recovery faster from a disaster.


It’s not if something happens but when something happens
Troy Erbentraut, Manager of Disaster Management - OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL
Troy-Quicker Recovery

The Keynote speaker for TEDCON is Paul Ciolino, a homicide investigation expert who has appeared on national news programs. Ciolino’s most recent book is Dead In Six Minutes, The Biography of Dr. Stanley M. Zydlo Jr. MD, and the creation of the Paramedic profession.

Troy-TEDCON Speaker

TEDCON is a medical-sponsored event, but is open to anyone – clinicians or members of the public – who has an interest in preparedness. It takes place August 24 and 25, 2017 in East Peoria, Illinois. Register online here or call 309.683.8360 for more information.