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Stop the Bleed

OSF HealthCare provides teachers first-responder training

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It's a lesson they hope they never have to use. However, its the reality of being a teacher today.

Incidents that could result in serious injury can happen anywhere at any time. School districts have become acutely aware that their commitment to students now goes far beyond molding young minds. 

"It's a topic that no one, in particular, wants to ever think about," says Patrick Leonard, Principal at Ottawa Township High School. "But it is the reality in today's world that we have to prepare for events that will need management - such as "Stop the Bleed" training." 

Principal Leonard on Stop the Bleed training

Leonard and Ottawa Township High School reached out to OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center to provide the "Stop the Bleed" training as part of a recent professional development day. 

Teachers were taught bleeding control, how to pack wounds and the safe application of tourniquets.

"Because they are the first responders," says Maggi Thomas, Manager of EMS and Emergency Management at OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. "They are in the school when an active shooter or an emergency happens. There is a time delay from when someone calls 911 to when law enforcement and whan EMS arrives. So really, they are going to be the ones on the scene first and that they could save the life of one of their students or one of their co-workers." 


OSF EMS Thomas on why teacher Stop the Bleed training

Additionally, OSF provided the school ten "Stop the Bleed" kits to be strategically placed throughout the Ottawa Township High School campus. This is just part of an overall and ongoing training by the district for teachers and staff to learn best practices and how to manage an emergency situation.

"Preparing ourselves to help one of our students," says Patrick Leonard, Principal at Ottawa Township High School. "To help a fellow staff member. Potentially, when a community member may be in the building. So, first and foremost, it's always about the students."

Principal Leonard on crisis preparation

Thomas says, while at first apprehensive, teachers have widely accepted the training and its importance for the overall safety of their students and campus.  

"There's some emotion behind it," says Maggi Thomas, Manager of EMS and Emergency Management at OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. "As well as it's not a topic most people like to hear about or to discuss. But, usually, the feedback is pretty well received. They get really engaged after we break the ice the first few minutes." 

OSF EMS Thomas on teacher reaction

School districts interested in the "Stop the Bleed" training should contact Caitlin Parker, community relations coordinator of OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Center, at 815.431.5498 or caitlin.f.parker@osfhealthcare.org.  

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