14:52 PM

Tragedy to Triumph

One story from the OSF Saint Anthony Regional Burn Unit


On average, treating 80 to 100 acute burns annually, along with 500 clinic visits, the OSF HealthCare Saint Anthony Medical Center Burn Unit is an important regional asset. This is just one recent challenging, but successful case. 

It started as just another day at work for Jordan Zulauf. The sub-contracted cable installer was inside the basket of a hydraulic crane working on a utility pole when something went wrong. A massive surge of electricity coursed through Zulauf's body. The 50,000 volts tossed him from the bakset to the ground. A co-worker - Zulauf's uncle - ran to the work truck to call emergency crews, and was hit with a fatal dose of electrcity when he touched the vehicle. Passers-by called 9-1-1 and OSF Life Flight was dispatched.

Diagnosed with severe burns, Zulauf was immedaitelty flown to the Level I Trauma Center at OSF Saint Anthony in Rockford and its Regional Burn Unit.     

Burn Unit Jordan 1

Jordan was in a coma for nearly six weeks. Dr. Stathis Poulakidas and the OSF Saint Anthony trauma and care teams helped pull him through.

Burn Unit Jordan 2

Dr, Poulakidas gives credit to Jordan, who he says has demonstrated tremendous strength and determination. Jordan also says he could not have done it without his family, the support of his church and all the prayers.

It will be long recovery, says Dr. Poulkidas, with more therapies and procedures to come. But he sees Jordan having a functional and normal life, adding that Jordan's OSF HealthCare family is ready to be with him every step of the way.